5 Reasons I Watch the Olympics

  1. I can watch sports I actually like, even if I have to go to some obscure cable channel.
  2. Even I can manage to be a sports fan for 14 days.
  3. The Opening Ceremonies (see #3) are always dramatic and over the top. Add in the suspense of whether the gimmicks will work properly, and how announcers will tell viewers the same thing five hundred times without slipping a lug nut. (“The countries are processing in alphabetical order by their names in NOT ENGLISH.”)
  4. Bob Costas.
  5. Inspiration…



Daryl Homer US Fencing Team


Kelley O’Hara, US Women’s Soccer (Just to be fair.)


Casey Eichfeld, Canoe/Kayak, US

2016 Summer Olympic Games - Season 2016

Daryl Homer US Fencing Team