It’s Wednesday and here’s a napping pre-predator to vicariously cuddle.

Am I building a social media “brand”? Does my blog have a message? Is my book listed on Amazon yet?  No, but here is a snoozing clouded leopard to make your Wednesday better.

Can we just talk about that pinky pie muzzle?

Look at those adorbs pink toesies!

Look at them now, before he grows up and can rip your face off.


I was just going to post that bit of cuteness, but while I’m at it…

According to the WWF Clouded Leopard Fact Sheet:

  • The clouded leopard is named after the distinctive ‘cloud’ markings on its coat.
  • It has an exceptionally long tail for balancing, which can be as long as the body itself.
  • The clouded leopard has, proportionately, the longest canine teeth of any living feline.
  • Well adapted to forest life, with big paws (see pic below omg) for climbing trees and creeping through thick forest.
  • It can climb while hanging upside-down under branches and descend tree trunks head-first.
  • The clouded leopard is found in Southeast Asia and the Himalayas, and is listed as “Vulnerable” because of habitat lost and poachers. 😦

Did you know that the World Wildlife Fund is one of many charities that you can donate to via the “Smile” program?  A portion of your purchase price goes to the charity of your choice. If you’re going to shop there, anyway, it is a ridiculously easy way to do a little good.

Of course, you can also “adopt” a leopard, become a WWF member, and help in other ways.