That new book smell…

Look what came in the mail yesterday:


It’s a book. A real, honest to dog, I’m-not-dreaming-this, this-is-finally-happening book.

giphy (3).gif

I love the smell of paper and ink. But the smell of paper and ink when it’s your own creation (with the help of agent, editors, designers, and a whole team at your publisher)…it’s indescribable.

OF course, this means that soon people will be able to buy it…


Read it…


And post reviews about it.



And I’m going to be all like…


It’s totally going to be like that. Totally.

If you want to get a head start, Goodreads is having a GIVEAWAY of NO GOOD DEED, and you can enter to win a copy before it even comes out! This is a link to enter.

Which you should totally do.

Though if you want to preorder a copy, you can do that, too. 

Thanks for reading this far. It’s weird promoting a book in 2017, because when I go onto Twitter and I want to be all WHOO! I HAVE A BOOK! and there’s something dreadful, or tragic, or outrageous, or just…2017, it feels a little tone deaf, you know? But holy crap, guys, I HAVE A BOOK. And it’s a nice break from things that are dreadful, or tragic, or outrageous.

At least I hope so.