That new book smell…

It's a book. A real, honest to dog, I'm-not-dreaming-this, this-is-finally-happening book.


My Trip to the Trip in Nottingham #TBT

Ye Old Trip to Jerusalem is the oldest inn in England. It says so right on the side of the building: "est. 1189." Since No Good Deed is set (part of the time) in 1194, I figured "the Trip" would be a good place to take a research trip, and also have a pint of ale.

Moana’s Feminist Agenda

This trend in books and movies of clever and brave heroines with agency in their own stories is a real problem for people who prefer the good old days when a woman kept house until she fell in love with a handsome prince and got married.

In a program under the supervision of the French military, four golden eagle chicks — named d'Artagnan, Athos, Porthos, and Aramis, which is my second favorite part of this story—were hatched with a destiny.

Surprise Penguin

This popped into my inbox the other day: And when I clicked through, you know what Pinterest's algorithm had picked for me? . . . . You know what is not a pretty thing? When penguins attack.