Book Birthday!


This came to my house last week. Even holding the book in my hand, there was still a part of me that thought, “This could still be an elaborate hoax. Maybe this is all they printed and some prankster is about to tell me I’m on a reality show where they almost give some poor schmuck what they want and then lower the boom.

JK, Kara!  Psych!

But once my friends and family started texting me that they got their book, and there were pictures on Instagram and Twitter, I think it’s just about sunk in that I’m really an honest to dog published author.



Inside I’m like…


I celebrated by getting a migraine, because apparently my body can’t tell the difference between happy stress and bad stress, which has made today just slightly less fun. Every time someone tweets about No Good Deed, I get very squeeful, and then I have to lie quietly and recover. But I’m squeeing inside, in my heart, where it counts.

Anyway, I was going to be all over the Social Media, like, Booyah, I’m so awesome. You should buy my book. Probably just as well I didn’t do that.

But I will put this review here:

“This cheeky take on the Robin Hood legend is pure fun. Connolly’s swashbuckling debut will satisfy any adventure fans.“-Booklist

Now it’s time to take down the “Coming Soons” and the remove the “pre” from “preorder.” Tomorrow I’ll be celebrating with my critique group. Maybe that will make things feel more real. I mean, a birthday isn’t a birthday without cake, even for a book.

I hope you all enjoy No Good Deed. And if you don’t, that’s okay. We can still be friends, just as long as you lie to me and say you did.




P.S. No, seriously. How do authors stand this? Rationally I know not everyone likes every book. Irrationally, I kind of want to barf at the thought of a bad review. Or maybe that’s the headache talking, which is my cue to take more medicine and go to bed.

P.P.S. I sound like a sensitive, delicate flower because I am.